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Welcome to Tilbury bay

Today launching my online store is a long time dream come true moment for me. Opening an online store did not happen on a whim. It sowed its seed when an opportunity to travel Europe fell into my lap quite by surprise. For the most part it was work for my better half, for me and my son it was time of adventure. What began in the grand alps of Switzerland in 2007, continues to feed both our souls and soles.

While our souls never tired from taking in all that was ornate in Italy, to the sophisticated collection at the Louvre in Paris, to the classics at the Prado Museum – our soles would feel the burn at night when weary we turned in our beds – but with a promise to see more the next day. I am not an artist – but life made me stand in front of the smiling Mona Lisa. I am not an architect, but I stood in awe as I walked the serene and magnificent temple of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona – Gaudi’s masterpiece. I am not a sculptor – but I got up close with Michelangelo‚Äôs David in Florence (Yes I was tempted to pinch his butt!), I am not a cubist – did not understand what that meant – till I was laughing at Picasso’s paintings in Malaga Spain – and the museum attendant came to me and explained how to see through the artists eyes. Oh now it made sense – somewhat.

It was not always the museums that struck the chord with me – it was the street artist sitting across the Duoma of Florence painting the Steeples or the artists on La Rambla drawing the street lights, the winding paths, the views of the wood bridge lined with flower baskets at Lucerne, the rolling hills swept on the poster in Ireland, to Hokusai’s 36 views of Fuji mountain painted on the grocery bags in Australia, and last but not the least – the full moon over the Taj Mahal, the picturesque pink city of Jaipur and the colorful layouts of city bazaars in India.

All this in a span of 10 years made me a bit more appreciative of the impact of art, color and perspective. I do not still understand all of it, but one thing I am sure of is a feeling when I see such beautiful images on paper or views captured on lens. I feel joy. It takes me into a journey of color – a fantasy. It reveals a story to me, that could be just my interpretation. I have been fortunate to travel – but more so – because on these journeys, I have been able to connect to people from different cultures. Everyday people like me. The online store seed began taking roots in this journey… Welcome to Tilbury bay and join me in my stories as I reveal about the artwork, the artists and how it came to be on my website.