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Pagari & Stache…

In 2011 my husband and I visited a few places in Rajasthan – India. Apart from the beautiful city, forts, and palaces – what caught my attention was the men with well trimmed (or not…) mustaches. To my fascination – they were flaunted with pride and went absolutely well with the colorful pagaris commonly known as turbans. Pagaris are made with a very long cloth, wound on the head and the last bit gets tucked in one of the many folds to hold it in place. They vary in style, color, size as well as climatic conditions of the region. Be it a shepherd a farmer, a city leader, a groom or a bellhop – Pagaris and Moustaches are worn as an adornment.

The Pagaris serve the same purpose as a hat would on hot summer days – to keep you cool. To the shepherds and farmers, it also acts as pillow to get a power nap under the tree. To the village leader it is a symbol of prestige. If a groom wears one it will mostly be made of silk and embroidered with gold and silver threads to add glamour.

The Moustache on the other hand for some is a sign of masculine authority. A lot goes into maintaining its length and shape. I think it adds so much drama to the face. You would see some absentmindedly twirling at it’s wispy long ends, many will touch its edges to boast about something, yet others will keep the long, thick hair curled into circles on their cheeks.

We have taken these two elements from our memories and transferred it into our designs for the luggage tags – Bon Voyage. Just the right amount of color, style and a whimsy added to the tags helps to narrate its origin and makes a perfect travel accessory. It is a reminder to get out more often, enjoy new places, meet new people and tell a tale. Check our shop section to see more designs following the whimsical theme.

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